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 Name  Position  Email
 Bill Gosiak  President  hwgosiak@gmail.com
 Barb Jorgensen  Vice President (acting)
 Jerry Higgins  Tournament Director  jerryhiggins40@icloud.com
 Jenette Curran  Secretary   jenpatcurran@icloud.com
 Spencer Roberts  Treasurer  srrngraop@aol.com
 Nadine Sutter  First Past President  homesutter@hotmail.com
 Toni Reider  Membership Chair 
 Dave Cain  Court and Ball Machine Maintenance  daveaz@q.com
 Kathy Moliter  Ratings Chair  klicky3@gmail.com
 Susan Garman  Personal News Updates  sgarman49@gmail.com
 Edith Tanniru  Website Administrator  rosedith@gmail.com
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