Cottonwood Tennis Club

About Us

                               Established 1982

Our Vision

Our members enjoy year-long competitive but friendly tennis
in an environment that fosters love of the game, 
and we are recognized as one  of the top 
active adult community tennis clubs 
in the valley.

Our Mission

Serve the needs of our residents with an interest in Tennis

Encourage and support our beginners while challenging our competitive-level players

Recognize the challenges of our aging players 

Create a social environment where all can mix

Foster a love of the game for all levels of play

Our Approach

Elect a Board of Directors to ensure the club runs fairly and according to our mission and bylaws

Attract, support and recognize a great volunteer corps to ensure the club runs efficiently and effectively

Coordinate with similar clubs to provide inter-club playing opportunities

The Club Experience

This active and friendly club was established in 1982 to provide opportunities for residents of Cottonwood Palo Verde at Sun Lakes to participate in organized play, team play, tournament play and social events with friends and neighbors with a common interest in tennis.

Today, we have a diverse membership of over 250 players, over 50 of which are volunteers.

We are a mixed group of players consisting of Level 2.0 up to and including Level 4.0.

Each player is encouraged to play their best tennis through Organized Play, Social Play, Intra Club, Inter Club, Tournament and League Play.

Many players also schedule their own games with friends during Open Play.

The Club hosts free lessons on Monday and Tuesday evenings from 7:30-9:00 PM as well as mixed Doubles drop-in on Thursday evenings from 7:00-9:00 PM.

In addition to tennis-related activities, we also host several social events through out the year, including: access to our Food Court during Socials and Tournaments, a Holiday Dinner Dance, 2 Dinner Meetings and an Annual Picnic.

With established quotas, IronOaks and Sun Lakes Country Club residents may also join the club if they have paid the appropriate annual fee required by the Cottonwood Palo Verde Homeowners Association.

Annual memberships run from April 1st each year to March 31st of the following year. Dues are payable in advance.

We welcome new members of any skill level from beginners through more experienced players.

Past Club Presidents

Laks Jagnandan (2020-2021)

MaryAnn Rice (2019-2020)

Bill Gosiak (2018-2019)
Nadine Sutter (2017-2018)
Sylvia Page (2016-2017)
Susan Aparicio (2015-2016)
Adriana Michael (2014-2015)
Judy Crane (2013-2014)
Al Wagner (2012-2013)
Al Wagner (2011-2012)
Kelz Kelzenberg (2011-2012)
Keith Nelson (2010-2011)
Susan Stewart (2009-2010)
Wayne Mangold (2008-2009)
Wayne Mangold (2007-2008)
Ron Petersen (2006-2007)

John Bodensteiner (2005-2006)

John Bodensteiner (2004-2005)
Bill Triquart (2003-2004)
Frank New (2002-2003)
Gary Tymn (2001-2002)
Cal Meury (1999-2000)
Dan Bowlus (1998-1999)
Mike Testa (1997-1998)
Jack Fitzsimmons (1996-1997)
Stan Brown (1995-1996)
Dave Bolio (1994-1995
Carol Peters (1993-1994)
Donna Buls (1992-1993)
Mike DeMalleville (1991-1992)
Earl Fitzpatrick (1990-1991)
Bill Flannigan (1989-1990)

John Lefebvre (1988-1989)
Bill Bican (1986-1987)
Wanda Hahn (1985-1986)
Evelyn Bican (1984-1985)
Loring Thompson (1983-1984)
Ken Bradshaw (1982-1983)

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